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Application fields of our machines


  •     Processing of pizzas, tarte flambée, etc. in the lower and higher performance range

  •     Bag-in-box applications for all items packed in bags on VFFS machines (e.g. milk powder, cereals, cornflakes,              biscuits, etc.)


  •     Multipack packaging in one folding box (flow packs with bars, ice cream, baguettes, grill lighters, etc.)


  •     Packaging of blisters, product carriers with their contents (e.g. toothbrushes), wooden boxes, advent calendars


  •     Packaging of bottles, cans, cartridges


Depending on your needs, we can work out your individual solution with our machine concept. We are able to make the best possible use of our many years of experience in this area and to implement the best solution for our customers and the product to be processed.




Possible format ranges and services of our machines *:


                      Min          Max



                             A-dimension: 50mm     350mm   (between flights)


              B-dimension: 10mm     170mm   (height)


            H-dimension: 85mm     400mm   (depth)


            Output: from 25 to 350 folding boxes per minute



* The format range and the performance of the machine always depends on the product, the packaging material and the required format range. We would be happy to check your requirements.

Application examples special lock types


Our machines can process different types of flap-closures depending on the requirements. In addition to that, a combination of different types of flap-closure can be implemented in the same machine.

Possible types of flap closing:

- Standard closure (flaps glued on both ends)


- Combi closures (inserted on one side, glued on opposite side)


- snap lock (both sides inserted)


- Gable top flap closure (gable on one side, glued or inserted on oopposite side)


- Short flap closure (type of closure in which the inner and glue flap does not correspond to the length of the folding box)


- Special locking of the inner flap (variable locking type for secure locking of the folding boxes)


- Euro hole flap (folding box with attached flap)


- Special shapes (conical, pillow packaging, etc.)


Depending on the application, the machines are designed according to the demands and designed according to the requirements.

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